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If it is Safety, Quality and Productivity that you seek then WOMA’s ground-breaking new release is truly your answer! This tried and tested, robust, adaptable ‘all-purpose’ machine provides for Mechanical, Vacuum, High Pressure Water or combination cleaning options. With Direct Control, Remote Control or Robotic capability your options for effective application in general and specialized descale, drain, tank and pipe cleaning, surface preparation and demolition are unsurpassed. We offer tracked and wheeled options in Standard and EX versions...Read More



WOMA’s HYDROMATIC is a proven remote controlled manipulator rig designed to increase your productivity and improves access and safety by removing the worker from the workface. With an expandable boom this unit is track mounted and driven by a Perkins diesel engine...Read More



The WOMA Flash and Blow-Off Vessel Rigs incorporate a number of proprietary WOMA advancements in the application of multi-faceted hydraulic manipulation.
These extremely ‘prehensile’ arms are capable of entering confined space by remote control and applying high and ultra-high pressure water with precision to improve the effectiveness & productivity of descale efforts. These rigs can be up-scaled or down-scaled to meet the specific challenges of varied vessel sizes and their interior complexities.
The WOMA engineering team in consultation with process, maintenance & operations personnel are able to design prototype derivatives of these successful rigs for application in varied situations.

clarifyer rig


Utilising a blend of mechanics and electronics (pneumatics), Mechatronics has come to mean the combined use of precision engineering, control theory, computer science, and sensor and actuator technology to design and to improve products and processes. WOMA continues to embrace and invest in the application of Mechatronics to develop manipulators that improve productivity and safety whilst concurrently minimising ‘man-entry’ and ensuring efficient vessel turn-around times. Our latest proprietary model of the WOMA Clarifier & Washer Vessel Rig employs a number of advances in application, operation and serviceability whilst maintaining a simple to operate robust design specification. These rigs can be adapted, up-scaled, down-scaled to suit varying vessel designs.


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