Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting, High Pressure Pumps, Vacuum Units & Accessories

As the leading technique for the fulfilment of various cleaning and maintenance tasks in the industry, high-pressure water jetting has become an essential tool. Water used as a cleaning, jet and cutting instrument is both safety compliant and ecologically sustainable. The proven WOMA high pressure plunger pumps are complimented by a complete range of specially developed units, accessories and tools.

Industrial High Pressure Pump Repairs

Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Repairs & Service

WOMA Australia offers you complete solutions from start to finish. Our experienced team will consult with you to ascertain your specific needs and then design a working solution to fit your requirements. The engineering and manufacturing teams will take your product from concept to commissioning and continue to provide customer and product life service and support.

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High Pressure Pumps

High Pressure Pumps

The product range of high pressure water jetting pumps from WOMA Australia includes plunger pumps with pressures up to 4,000 bar and a flow rate of up to 1,639 l / min. Our high pressure pumps are perfect for industrial uses.

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Complete High Pressure & Ultra High Pressure units

Complete High Pressure & Ultra High Pressure Industrial units

WOMA Australia designs, manufactures and installs high pressure industrial pumps and high pressure water jetting systems for operating pressures up to 3000 bar. Whether mobile or stationary, whether with diesel engine or electric motor – the configuration is flexible according to respective customer requirements.

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Ultra High Pressure Tools, Accessories & Spares

High Pressure Water Tool Parts, Ultra High Pressure Water Accessories & Spares

WOMA Australia designs, manufactures and markets high-pressure water tools for demolition, decontamination, paint stripping, cleaning, cutting and surface preparation. These high-pressure tools can be used for manual or mechanised applications as well as for applications with automatic and manipulator-controlled systems.

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WOMA Robotics & Manipulators

Robotics & Manipulators

If it is Safety, Quality and Productivity that you seek then WOMA’s Robotics are the answer! With safety being paramount in our industry, we are always striving to reduce risk to the worker. Often this means removing the worker from the workface through robotics or manipulators. With our in-house design and engineering capabilities we can offer you bespoke solutions to suit your needs.

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Dietmarkaiser Vacuum Units

Industrial Vacuum Units

WOMA is the exclusive Representative and Distributor of Dietmar Kaiser. As a leading global manufacturer of industrial vacuum loaders, drain cleaner with recycling capabilities and related vacuum cleaning technology conveyance, we have the products, for all-around hazardous and non-hazardous industrial material handling. We design, manufacture and market various Vacuum Trucks and Units for the Industrial Services Industry whether fixed or mobile.

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Miretti Explosion Proof Products

Explosion Protection

WOMA (Australia) is a world leader in explosion protection solutions. Conversions are available in electric and diesel for fixed and mobile plant installations and exhaust fume purification. Our explosion protection solutions are proudly active in the Mining, Oil & Gas, Shipping, Marine, Petro-chemical, Aviation, Defence and Material Handling Industries.

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