Continuous cleaning for trouble-free production processes

Reactors and boilers, strainers and filters, but also piping and heat exchangers, are often inadequately cleaned using conventional cleaning methods or only with a great deal of effort and therefore uneconomical. Depending on the type of contamination, this also applies to buildings, equipment and means of transport. A reliable, tried and tested, and highly efficient cleaning method using the advanced technology of high-pressure water jets is now available. High-pressure water jetting is an extremely flexible technology with exceptional applications and the solution for almost all cleaning tasks in the chemical industry.

Surface cleaning

Widely different surfaces and materials must be cleaned regularly so that continuous processes and safety are ensured during operation.

Sieve and filter cleaning

The functional capability of strainers and filters depends essentially on the state of their surfaces. They must therefore be constantly cleaned.

Heat exchanger cleaning

Stubborn deposits often form in heat exchangers. Clean surfaces are the basis here for efficient production processes.

Tank cleaning

Quick and thorough cleaning of tanks is necessary to disturb the production process as little as possible.

Pipe cleaning

Pipes have important functions everywhere in industry. To fulfil these functions, their flow continuity must be ensured.