Service & Support

FIFO, On-Call & Periodic Maintenance & Support of:

  • Industrial High Pressure Pumps: Jetting, Cutting, Injection, Intervention, Hydrostatic Testing, Non-Destructive Digging, Process
  • Industrial Vacuum & Blower Pumps: Product Placement & Extraction, Encapsulation, Recycling, Drain Cleaning & Hydro-Excavation
  • Robotics, Manipulators & Accessories: Hydraulic Pneumatic, Electronic & Mechanical

With 40 years experience in the Australasian market, WOMA’s focus on seamlessly integrating positive displacement, high pressure, steam,
vacuum, pneumatic and hydraulic pump technology with industry is well proven. We offer experienced and dedicated Engineering, Manufacturing, Service, Training and Customer Support services driven to provide direct technical and problem solving solutions to our valuable clients.
Your critical deliverable is our concern and WOMA has the experience, knowledge, resources and skills you can rely on to meet your HSEQ, Technical and Productivity benchmarks. We aspire to provide improved service to pro-active and dynamic customers working in hazardous
& non hazardous working environments.

Industrial High Pressure Pump Repairs | Industrial Vacuum Pump Repairs | WOMA Australia
Industrial High Pressure Pump Repairs | Industrial Vacuum Pump Repairs | WOMA Australia

WOMA Technical Service & Support
Down time costs money. As a service to assist our customers and to avoid unnecessary downtime,
WOMA have a team of highly capable technicians at your service 24/7. Whether it be scheduled maintenance,
shut down service and technical support or, routine maintenance within the WOMA facilities –
technicians can be on at your site and at your side FAST. Find out more about our Technical Service &
Support offerings below. Why spend precious, unproductive hours fault finding and anxiously repairing
when our knowledgeable technicians can take the stress away.
The High Pressure Water Jetting Standard AS/NZS 4233 Parts 1 & 2 and the Worksafe Australia ‘Guide
for Managing Risks from High Pressure Water Jetting’ (Page 19 Clause 4.9 General maintenance, repairs
and documentation), states “Major servicing operations and repairs requiring specialist knowledge
should only be carried out by competent workers with thorough knowledge of the equipment”.
Our Technicians are but a phone call away to help you comply.

Industrial High Pressure Pump Repairs | Industrial Vacuum Pump Repairs | WOMA Australia
Industrial High Pressure Pump Repairs | Industrial Vacuum Pump Repairs | WOMA Australia

WOMA Preventative Maintenance & Technical Service & Support
WOMA understands your major business expense and income potential rests in the hour1y cost of operating
your machine/s. Our Technical Service & Support Technicians (and Resident Technicians based full-time at
our customer’s sites) operate a range of High, Ultra High and Vacuum Units across Australasia incorporating
state-of-the-art accessories, many with the latest diagnostic tooling. Some of the remote operated assets
also contain GPS satellite communication, diagnostic and location systems. When deployed, the custom designed
and built WOMA Technical Service & Support Site Workshop Containers carry spares and accessories
for HP & Vacuum Pumps and Systems, WOMA, Stoneage and Enz tooling and additionally include Genuine
Parts lists, service manuals and critical spares. But most importantly, they deliver a WOMA technician with a
wealth of experience and expertise and intimate knowledge of Industrial Services machinery. Our Technical
Service & Support Technicians are all fully qualified WOMA plant mechanics and have undertaken further
complementary training ensuring you receive the level of support when and where you need it to keep your
machine working.