WOMA Industrial Rental Fleet

High Pressure Water Jetters are useful in a wide range of domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. However, buying your own Water Jetters can be heavy on the pocket, which is why it makes sense to rent one from WOMA Australia.

WOMA’s  specialised Rental Fleet of High Pressure water jetters along with the large range of accessories offers you and your company the one stop shop for all your water jetting needs. In WOMA’s water Jetting rental fleet we offer a wide range of equipment, which includes our very popular 150M trailer mounted pump unit running at 2500Bar @ 18.7 L/min to our 700Z containerized which runs at 1000bar @ 261 L/min. All of WOMA’s rental fleet are produced with powerful, reliable engines which includes CAT, Detroit, Kohler, and John Deere, with engine speeds ranging from 1,450 to 2,100 RPM. By renting one of WOMA’s Rental  units, you can rely on getting a quality built machine and great customer service to help you facilitate high pressure cleaning needs.

WOMA provide you with everything that you need when you choose our high pressure water jetting hire packages, which means our machines can get you working right away. Contact us today to get a quotation for the water jetting or vacuum unit you want to rent. If you’re not yet sure which unit to get, don’t worry since we can help you choose the model that best suits your needs and budget. Simply give us a call and let our friendly and knowledgeable staff guide you through the features and benefits of each model.


WOMA WaterJet

Built in accordance with AS/NZS 4233 parts 1 and 2, the WOMA WaterJET represents a safe, reliable and productive asset with the flexibility to suit a wide range of applications requiring cold water jetting, hot water jetting and steam. The WOMA WaterJET will have prominent value in any fleet for asset and facility maintenance, perfect for jetting, surface preparation, concrete scabbling, wet grit-blasting, tube cleaning, steam cleaning, oil & grease removal and much more.

WOMA 150M P14 Ultra High Pressure Unit

Robust and simple to operate, the WOMA 150M is a popular trailer mounted unit and comes complete with hoses, guns and all the required safety apparel to deliver your operation a flexible and dynamic solution. Generally configured to 18.7 l/m @ 2500 bar (other configurations available), this unit provides the penetration and pressure to perform a range of specialised tasks from concrete cutting, cold cutting, demolition and scabbling, to surface preparation and coatings removal and to general tube cleaning and descaling works. Mine site and refinery ready, the pressure is off you and on to the job quickly!

WOMA Twin 250M P16 Ultra High Pressure Unit

Dynamic flexibility coupled with immense productivity – this unit offers 2 guns (20l/m @ 2800 bar each) or a single flow option (40l/m @ 2800 bar) all housed in one 20’ compliance rated ISO sea container. Powered by a continuous ‘A’ rated engine with pneumatic dry shut-off controls, it is capable of high quality surface preparation, wash-down, tube, pipe, tank and vessel cleaning, concrete spalling and concrete and steel cold cutting. Unique to the industry, this is a ‘flagship’ WOMA unit with dynamic seal function and 60 degree Celsius maximum input water temperature. Pressure and flows can be altered upon request.

WOMA 250Z High Pressure Containerised Unit

This unit is designed for aggressive hand held descaling using 1 or 2 guns or as a single flow through the WOMA 1500S tank head for the effective descale of vessels, tanks, culverts, pipes etc. Dependent upon the task at hand, with dry shut-off controls, a range of RPM, Pressure & Flow can be achieved to ensure you get to deliver the productivity you seek. A range of automated manipulators will ensure safety, dexterity and productivity.

WOMA 4501 & 700Z High Pressure Containerised Units

WOMA’s 4501 provides substantial mid-range power for major descale works using any of the WOMA tank heads and nozzle systems. WOMA’s new generation 700Z Ecomaster incorporates an automated gearbox transmission capable of regulating the flows of the pump whilst either maintaining pressure, or affording lower pressures if required. Put simply, it empowers the operator by enabling single or multiple gun use on one job immediately followed by concentrated tank head or nozzle work on the next. From 30 l/m @ 100 bar to 261 l/m @ 1000 bar – this pump performs the same functions as a number of different sized units, all controllable at the unit PLC.

WOMA 250M P16 Twin Offshore Zone 2 GrIIA T3

A robust and reliable offshore oil & gas specialist unit, mounted inside a sound attenuated offshore rated lifting frame. Powered by a continuous ‘A’ rated engine with AMOT controls, both pumps will each produce 20 l/m @ 2500 bar. Capable of high quality surface preparation, wash-down, small bore pipe, tank, vessel cleaning and concrete and steel cold cutting. This Hazardous Zone unit will be a great asset for your offshore or onshore business!

WOMVAC 2000 Zone 2 – Single Vacuum

The WOMVAC 2000 is an offshore rated Vacuum machine. ATEX compliant and in an offshore certified lifting frame. Being fully air controlled and having one seal water and separator tank, the unit boasts the flexibility of either independent use on two concurrent jobs or alternatively, stronger combined use on one single job. In-built to this unit is a certified collector vessel (interceptor) with a volume of 1.2 m3 which enables the collection of ‘over carry debris’ and particles in suspension as well as providing protection for the pump.

WOMA Cutting System

Made of a special semi-rigid, yet flexible composite, the WOMA Cutting System eliminates the “cogging” of typical gear drives, providing a smooth feed and resulting in smooth cuts. Its lateral and longitudinal flexibility makes precision cutting achievable without special set-up techniques and mounts.

WOMA Tankheads

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