High Pressure Water Jet Tools

Key technology for professional cleaning, maintenance and decontamination

WOMA ultra high pressure cleaning technology is used for the removal of deep-seated surface contamination, for targeted coating removal, thorough cleaning of plants and components as well as repair in all areas of the energy industry. High-pressure water cold-cutting tools are employed as semi-automatic or fully automatic system. For cutting steel, concrete or composite materials. Many WOMA ultra high pressure techniques are also available as automatic, remotely controlled systems for extremely inaccessible or “hot” radioactive zones, making them ideal Hazardous Area equipment.

Surface cleaning

Widely different surfaces and materials must be cleaned regularly so that continuous processes and safety are ensured during operation.


In all areas of decontamination, WOMA ultra high pressure technology, e.g. remove deep surface contamination, is employed to remove specific layers, to clean buildings and equipment affected, washing out contamination.

Heat exchanger cleaning

Stubborn deposits often form in heat exchangers. Clean surfaces are the basis here for efficient production processes.

Tank cleaning

Quick and thorough cleaning of tanks is necessary to disturb the production process as little as possible.

Pipe cleaning

Pipes have important functions everywhere in industry. To fulfil these functions, their flow continuity must be ensured.

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