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Complete HP & UHP Units

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Welcome to WOMA (Australia) Pty Ltd – Over 50 years of Cutting Edge Industrial High Pressure Water Jetting and Vacuum Cleaning Technology. WOMA is committed to the provision of design, assembly, sale, training, service and rental support of High and Ultra High Pressure Water jetting & Vacuum Pump Technology, associated robotics and manipulators. Our broad range of nozzles, accessories, associated jetting systems and manually or remote controlled tools and equipment will give you the edge.
Understanding that safety, productivity and efficiency are your highest priorities - we offer you the following solutions;

  • WOMA High & Ultra-high pressure water jetting equipment
  • Dietmar Kaiser Industrial vacuum equipment and spares
  • WOMA Manually, Manipulator or Remote controlled water tools
  • WOMA Small Industrial Water Jet Units
  • WOMA & Stoneage accessories
  • TST safety apparel
  • Selected waste management solutions 
  • High pressure water pumps
  • Hawk, Neron, Caviblaster, RICO and Schafer & Urbach
We are committed to safe, productive and environmentally sound industrial solutions.


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