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industrial high pressure water pumpsWOMA's Small Hot, Cold & Steam Water Jetting Units

As a Specialist in the High and Ultra High water jetting industry, WOMA has the capability to provide a smaller range of Hot, Cold and Steam capable units. To view the wide range of bespoke units we are able to provide, click here.


WOMA Water Jet Series Unit

WOMA Water Jet Series Units

WOMA has recently released the ’WOMA WaterJet’ series with Cold, Hot & Steam models. They represent a robust, reliable stable of smaller water-Jetters exhibiting the latest in safety, productivity and versatility for facility and asset maintenance. Available with Cold, Hot and Steam capacity, the units can be Electric or Diesel driven. The innovative offshore certified lifting frame is designed to minimize ongoing inspection and compliance complications. Boasting forklift pockets and top lifting lugs, the modular frame facilitates efficient pre-start check and maintenance. Explosion proof options are available in electric  versions.

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70M-150M Trailer Mounted Unit

WOMA 70M-150M Trailer Mounted Units

An outstanding all-purpose ultra-high (upto 3000 BAR) offering flexibility and durability. For the larger contractor this utility is an excellent addition to your fleet for one-off contracting works and routine industrial services maintenance contracts. With the trailer mounted 70 or 150M you can complete a range of activities from general wash-down, surface preparation, coatings and linings removal and blast-pad works. From cold steel and concrete cutting, pin-jet and pipe- cleaning work — you can do it all.

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Single 70m UHP desgined

WOMA Offshore 70M

WOMA Designed Single 70m UHP desgined for use in the Offshore industry. Main Drive is a 30/36Kw, Three phase, surface cooled, electric motor producing 9.9 L/M @ 2000 Bar. Certified EEx de LLC T 6 Explosion proof.

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Ultra High Pressure Pump

WOMA Zone 2 Group IIA T3 Twin 250M Offshore Model

WOMA's Zone 2 Group IIA T3 Hazardous Area Rated Twin Ultra High Pressure Pump Unit provides unparalleled performance in the industry. Building on WOMA's excellent Oil & Gas reputation and experience and adding to the WOMA suite of Offshore Oil Intervention Pumps, this example of WOMA's bespoke solutions is skid mounted with an acoustic protection offshore rated lifting frame. Powered by a continuous 'A' rated CAT 3406C DITA engine with Pyroban and AMOT controls, the twin WOMA 250M pumps will each produce 20l/m @ 2500Bar on a P16 plunger arrangement (40 l/m). Capable of high quality surface preparation, wash-down, tube, pipe, tank and vessel cleaning, concrete and steel cold cutting. In addition WOMA can produce a unit with specific pressures and flows if required.


Ultra High Pressure Combination Units

WOMA High & Ultra High Pressure Combination Units

As an example, the WOMA Twin 250M/Z Pump unit is reliable and versatile - providing you with the oportunity to be able to select between UHP and HP without any down-time, mechanical expertise, Head or Conversion Set change requirements. The simplicity of this unit is it's strength and value to your operation. The unit has 2 in-line pumps on the same skid allowing for selection and use of either at any one time. This way there is an elimination of the requirement to have to change the pump conversion set (HP to UHP) instead you only have to connect the appropriate hoses to the bulkhead for the other pump and continue to work.

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High Volume Pumps - 150HP - 1000HP
High Pressure Water Pumps - 150HP - 1000HP

With operating pressures up to 21750 psi/1500 bar and rated volume up to 605 l/m, this series is ideal for heavy concrete removal, strippin of coatings and descaling. This series offers gear box cooling and being slow speed pumps, are low wear, resulting in long life and longer operation between maintenance cycles. The modular design provides a greater degree of flexibility as you can change the output parameters simply by changing the interchangeable plunger set.

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