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Industrial High Pressure Cleaning Perth, WA

WOMA is committed to providing you with the design, assembly, hire, sale and service support of industrial high pressure cleaning solutions in Perth, WA. Our broad range of industrial high pressure water jetting services and accessories associated with industrial high pressure water jetting whether manually or remote controlled will give you the upper advantage. Check out our full line of quality industrial solutions & Pressure Cleaning Perth services.

Industrial high pressure cleaning Perth, WA  Pressure cleaning perth

Pressure Water Jetting Services 

Pressures Cleaning - Use this chart to identify the recommended pressures cleaning pump needed for specific applications.

Application Chart - Use this chart to identify the area where WOMA can bring solutions to your industry.

Automotive Industry - The manufacture of a motor vehicle already starts with the steel making. From that point up to the final product there is a sequence of numerous operations where high pressure cleaning also plays an important role.

Chemical Technology - In all areas of chemical engineering, the amount of maintenance required is comparatively high. This particularly affects equipment for the conversion, treatment, transportation or storage of media, such as autoclaves, filters, vessels, tanks, sieves, heat exchangers, and pipelines.

Construction Engineering  - High pressure water cleaning jet units and tools are today employed successfully in all areas of construction engineering: soil and foundation engineering, civil engineering projects, remedial work, building materials engineering, demolition, and recycling.

Materials Construction - In the construction materials industry the manufacture of binding agents, glasses, ceramics, concrete, heat relief materials - high pressure cleaning processes significantly influence the process efficiency.

Cutting Technique - Based on the newly developed ultra-high pressure technology it is now possible to use high pressure water jets as a cutting tool in the outdoor industry – especially in the construction industry, maintenance, chemical processing industry, and the demolition industry.

Decontamination - Decontamination is the reduction of hazardous materials - such as radioactive materials, heavy metals, chemical agents - up to permissible concentrations. Often, contaminants and base materials must be removed simultaneously.

Marine Surface Preparation - The high pressure water jet technology has now been employed for decades in simple ship cleaning tasks. Today, due to environmental and economical consideration, it is an important tool for surface preparation work on ships prior to coating application.

Municipal - High presure cleaning processes play a major role in the maintenance of municipal systems. The objects to be cleaned include sewer channels, pipelines, wells, shafts, settling basins and civil engineering constructions.

Offshore - To guarantee a safe and effective performance, facilities for the extraction, storage and transport of petroleum and natural gas need to be inspected, maintained and repaired regularly. This happens often under extremely poor conditions and partly under water. Typical application tasks are cleaning, de-coating and de-rusting as well as cutting and demolition.

Pipe line testing - Worldwide demand for fossil fuels is constantly increasing, and as a result we are seeing a worldwide expansion of gas and oil pipelines. Additionally, existing pipelines must be maintained and repaired. The operation of pipelines is subject to safety rules and national/ international law. Pressure testing is necessary (for maintained as well as brand new pipelines) prior to start of operation. The test fluid is typically water.

Sewers - For technical and sanitary reasons, sewer channels are frequently cleaned. Particularly, the blocking of the cross sections as well as odour problems need to be avoided. Also, damages at the channel walls must early be recognized which is only possible if the walls are completely clean.

Sieve and Filtering - Sieves and filters are important process engineering devices that are applied in almost any areas of modern industry. Their reliability mainly depends on the condition of their surface. Thus, sieves and filters need frequently to be cleaned.

Surface Treatment - The cleaning of large-scale constructions, such as facades, traffic areas or airport runways, is an essential preposition for successful maintenance and for guaranteed safe operation. WOMA’s highpressure water jet systems are successfully used in these areas since decades.

Water Assisted Pile Driving - Driving and pulling of sheet pilings, trench sheeting's and beams usually are done by diesel pile drivers or vibrators, respectively. Nevertheless, both methods have technological restrictions. Thus, depending on the surrounding conditions, such as soil conditions, degree of urbanization and available cross section, supporting systems can or must be employed.

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