TST PPE for High Pressure Water Jetting

 Protection against UHP up to 3000 bar


WOMA has a complete assortment of TST personnel protection equipment for hydro demolition, water jetting and blasting at High and Ultra High Pressures (HP and UHP).
The TST range of clothes are developed to offer the best possible comfort, at the same time as they protect from water jets up to 3000 bar/43.5 kpsi. We are convinced that only comfortable clothes are being used! This product range includes the popular Gamma kit, Delta kit, Sigma kit as well as Jacket, Trousers, Apron, Hand Protections, Gaiters, Shroud and Curtain.


Sigma, Delta, Gamma Protective Suits


Overalls with arm protection


Arm Protection


Boots 3000


WOMA has now launched a series of protective clothing for high pressure liquids, for example high pressure water cleaning or hydraulic maintenance. They protect, depending on equipment, up to 500 Bar pressure. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of protective clothing for waterjetting up to 3000 Bar, TST have been able manufacture and supply comfortable, functionable and safe protective clothing.



Overalls with Hood

Protective Glove 500 Bar

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